Zhengzhou Ding paper cup factory is the largest paper cup factory, has a long history, recognized experts paper cups. Ding since the plant since 2010, known for professional custom high-grade paper cups, is committed to in the most competitive price, the highest quality of service, for customers to bring the best quality service. At present, Ding paper cup factory covers an area of one thousand acres, the factory employs more than 500 people. Annual production of 14 mill … [Read More]


Ding in pursuit of professional team, in a paper cup customized industry go farther and farther. In the next three years, our company will be a comprehensive product promotion, product coverage throughout Asia and Europe, the annual output will exceed 20 million. We do not have the overwhelming advertising, not exaggerated price promotion, but we have tens of thousands of millions of customers! Every day we have towards our goal to further do the cups? To find it! Ding … [Read More]


Zhengzhou city Zhongyuan district Ding’s paper products factory






Room 949 block DE SOHO,
Dashiqiao square,Zhengzhou
Henan Province, China

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